Sell your watch

Basic information

Provide the basic information about your watch by filling the form below, visiting our shop or send us an e-mail.


After receiving the basic information our watchmakers inspect the watch at our boutique.


We either offer to buy your watch directly or propose a consignment deal which means that we sell the watch and you receive the payment after your watch has been sold.

Polus way of work

We check each watch individually and prepare them for a sale. This means we run a number of checks (at least water resistance, timing, authenticity, visual + functional checks) for your watch before it is sold. We make sure every watch is functioning as it should, and service or repair them when necessarry.

It is always good if you have original box & papers / warranty card for your watch.

While waiting for a buyer, the watch is stored in a industrial level safe until a sale is completed. Our safe is fully insured and we provide you with a secure payment.